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F1 Hybrid marigold Aastha 1k Enza Zaden

  • Variety Name: Aastha Marigold
  • Breeder: Enza Zaden
  • Type: Marigold
  • Features:
    • Large, vibrant blooms
    • Rich color variations
    • Strong stems
    • Long-lasting flowers

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Availability: 5 in stock

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1 review for F1 Hybrid marigold Aastha 1k Enza Zaden

  1. muskan

    Hybrid Marigold Aastha 1K by Enza Zaden is a standout in the world of marigolds.

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Aastha Marigold, bred by Enza Zaden, is a vibrant and robust variety of marigold that captivates with its striking appearance and resilient nature. This cultivar typically boasts large, fully double blooms in a rich golden-yellow hue, radiating warmth and cheerfulness in any garden or landscape. The flowers are characterized by their dense, pom-pom-like form, adding a delightful burst of color and texture to borders, beds, and containers.

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