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Cocopeat – 5kg Block

  • Material: Kraft Seeds cocopeat is made from natural coconut coir fibres; Volume: 5 kg cocopeat block that is enriched with humus
  • Features: This pure organic, lightweight, and easy-to-use soil additive is the perfect option for home, kitchen, and lawn gardening. It is a very good substrate for growing different types of plants and seedlings
  • Benefits: It helps loosen heavy soil, provides good aeration, and retains water content in the soil
  • Usage: To loosen the cocopeat block, immerse it in a bucket of water for 3-4 hours. Once loosened, it can be used directly or it can be mixed with any other soil
  • Item Weight: 5.0

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Availability: 10 in stock

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Made of the inner fibres of coconut, coco peat is lightweight, well draining and retains moisture for longer without getting water logged. Naturally anti-fungal, it is essential in healthy potting mixes. Excellent for soil aeration and seed germination as the loose structure allows for easy root development. Coco Brick is an excellent growing medium for soil mixes.

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