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Soleil Hybrid Squash 100 Seeds (Enza Zaden)

yellow squash seeds Soleil
  • Rich in nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Can be roasted, toasted, or ground into a paste for culinary uses.
  • When planted, they sprout into vines that produce yellow squash fruits.


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Availability: 5 in stock

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Yellow squash seeds is a vibrant and versatile vegetable characterized by its smooth, glossy skin and tender flesh. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, alongside other popular summer squashes like zucchini. Typically harvested when young, yellow squash showcases a brilliant hue ranging from pale lemon yellow to deep golden tones. Its elongated or bulbous shape tapers towards the stem end, with a slight curvature along its length.

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