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(Soilrite) Potting Mix Soil Fertilizer for Plants

(Soilrite) Potting Mix
  • Ideal soil replacement for potted, container plants and for landscaping.
  • Lightweight with easy mobility. Best suited for indoor and outdoor gardening.
  • Perlite improves soil aeration ,hydration and drainage.
  • Peat holds moisture for a longer time hence saves water frequency.
  • Weed, pest and disease free


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Availability: 10 in stock

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Soilrit-mix is a mixture of horticulture grade expanded perlite, Irish Peat moss and exfoliated vermiculite in equal ratio i.e., 1/3:1/3:1/3.
As Soilrite-mix contains peat moss with Vermiculite, Peat moss serves to increase water- holding capacity of the mix and the proportion of peat is just right to provide the plant the correct air / water ratio.
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