Growing bhindi (Okra) from it seeds

Select only high-quality seeds. We recommend purchasing seeds from a reputable provider, such as Bhagat Seeds.

  • To ensure that seeds germinate fast and successfully, immerse them in water for 8 to 10 hours.
  • For sprouting seeds, use a potting mix based on cocopeat. Plant the seeds 1.5 to 2 inches deep. It is preferable to use a seedling tray for this purpose.
  • To hasten germination, place a plastic cover over the seedling tray or container. Make a few small holes in the lid to allow air to flow.
  • Keep the seeds in a warm area to germinate. In severe weather, you may even place them indoors. Choose a warm, well-lit corner.

Choosing Pot and Soil

Choose a pot that is at least 10 inches deep and 10 inches wide. One pot per plant is an excellent choice. If you are growing in a large container, one plant per square foot is recommended. Grow bags of the same proportions are also available.

A decent potting mix is recommended. You can see our DIY POTTING MIX. We do not recommend directly using plain soil. Soil may contain diseases and may lack the necessary nutrients.

Watering and caring for Okra until harvest

Okra is a summer crop. It can withstand intense sunshine and survive in shallow water.

We advise only watering the Okra plants when the top surface is dry. If you use a cocopeat-based potting mix, it helps okra grow properly by retaining water inside the plant.

Watering once every two to three days is usually plenty. Under extremely hot and humid conditions, water is required every day. Before watering in the cold and rainy seasons, check the moisture content of the soil.

Overwatering frequently kills bhindi plants. Before watering, insert your finger into the soil to check for wetness.

Taking care of plants

For insects, neem oil is the best alternative. Spray the okra plants with a 1:50 mixture of neem oil and water. We suggest spraying it in the morning or evening. Bhindi plants will not be able to endure both direct sunlight and neem oil application.

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